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Who is brian matlock?

Brian’s innate desire to fight for others is a thread that has been consistent throughout his life. Growing up a devout youngster in Nampa, ID, he knew before he even started elementary school that he wanted to spend his life doing missionary work, and his youth and adolescence were spent carrying out that desire. 

Since high school, much of Brian’s time has been spent working in helping professions, both domestically and abroad. He took missionary trips to Croatia and Venezuela, he worked on community development and health improvement in South Africa, and he spent several years working at a homeless shelter and as a mental health case worker. 

As Brian continued working with different populations, he began to notice that the inequality was widespread and that entire communities and countries had seen decades of disinvestment. He was eager to learn more about the underlying causes of poverty, inequality, and uneven development, and to begin seeking out systemic solutions. This led him to enroll in the Economics program at the University of Missouri Kansas City, where he has been pursuing a Ph.D. in Economics. For the last several years, Brian has been conducting research on community health issues and working with his peers to develop policy to address some of our most pressing issues. This background has equipped him with the knowledge and skills to think critically about the way our economy functions and how adjustments can be made to better address the issues in our communities.

By taking a critical look at the political landscape, Brian began to realize that decision makers were not discussing our collective economic situation in an honest way. He saw that both major political parties are filled with corporate-funded politicians who prioritize the wishes of their donors over the needs of their constituents’ communities; he saw that some politicians were more interested in scapegoating immigrants than offering solutions that would make a difference. As Brian began to articulate his views to friends who were involved in the political process, it became clear that Kansans needed a fighter who wasn’t afraid to tell the truth about the way things are going. A friend asked Brian to run, and he decided it was time to throw his hat in the ring and offer something different, honest, and refreshing – Republican Socialism.

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