Republican Socialism is something new, which means we get a lot of great questions about it.

The values of hard work, local control, and individual ethics are central to the world we are trying to build. This isn’t about big government fixing our problems. It’s about taking the public money that is currently going to corporations and redirecting it to our communities to let us get to work fixing problems and reaching our goals.

A Republic is supposed to be a government by the people for the people. What we have is a government controlled by the few for their own benefit. This campaign is about putting decision-making control into the hands of the people.

We know there are people who equate socialism with dictatorships and Soviet-style central planning, but we use the word ‘socialism’ to mean community ownership of resources, and ‘Republican’ to mean local communities make decisions about how these resources are used, rather than federal bureaucracies. Both ‘Republican’ and ‘Socialism’ are important to our platform and vision.

Just like with a potluck, socialism is where everyone shows up, pitches in, and asks if there is anything else they can do to help.

Republican Socialism is a branch of Democratic Socialism: they both want to achieve the goals of socialism: where we take care of each other and put people over profit, but through democracy not force. Republican Socialism draws more influence from libertarian socialist theory that emphasizes empowering local communities and participation of those most affected rather than centralizing decisions.  Emphasis on workplace democracy, participatory budgeting, and local administration of programs like the Job Guarantee are aspects that resonate with the Republican focus on local control and the good-neighbor ethic.

It was certain values and personal ethics instilled in Brian by his Republican parents that led him to become a Socialist. The only time he’s ever been registered as a Democrat was to vote for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic primary.

This is one of the most common questions we get, but we believe Republicanism and Socialism equate quite well together. Fundamentally, Republican Socialism is a new coalition between anyone who is willing to show up for a potluck, where everybody works hard and everybody eats.

The main policy goals are a Green New Deal and a Locally-Administered Federally-Funded Job Guarantee. We need to reshape our economy for the parallel reasons of the ever-widening economic gap and the impending climate crisis. These policies will be necessary to help move us in the right direction.

The same way we pay for “forever war.” Federal money does not operate like a household budget – the federal government creates the money that it needs for the things it wants to spend money on. As a PhD candidate in Economics, Brian has an extensive understanding of how our currency works.


Unfortunately, it is Kansas politics and Kansas politicians who are not serious. Kansas politicians are more interested in keeping corporations and wealthy donors happy than offering solutions that will make Kansas communities prosper. Republican Socialism fixes that by offering bold policy solutions to fix Kansas problems.

Our campaign is focused on centering low-income communities in every decision we make. It is our goal that our policies will be designed and written by the folks who are most directly impacted by the crises that everyday people are currently facing. Not to
mention, an influx of locally-administered Federal money into your community will
have some pretty direct, positive impacts on your community.

We get a lot of variations of this question. The folks who we
are talking to are intrigued by our ideas but think “other people” won’t be
interested. We have been encouraged by how positive the response has been
throughout the state. As it turns out, people like the idea of putting more
money to work in their community.