The way we run this campaign is an opportunity for us to practice what we preach. We want more than a nice sounding policy platform; we want to start running things the way we want to see them run everywhere. To accomplish that, we aim for these goals and values. When we mess up or fall short, we make it right, learn from it, and push ahead!

1. Priority hiring for folks who are struggling the most, from communities that are struggling the most. This includes low-income folks, Black folks, and Indigenous folks.

2. Ask low-income folks and low-income communities directly what work they want to do in their neighborhoods, towns, and counties. Don’t settle for hearsay from elected officials and non-profit organizations.

3. Maintain thoughtful, bold optimism. Kansans come together, pitch in, and persevere. Apply this same positive, proactive determination to tackle the biggest challenges of our day without mincing our words about how tough people have it.

4. Stay rooted in our local areas. The fact that we come from different places across Kansas is a strength. Find ways to support the work that low-income communities are already doing in our communities.

5. Have fun! The last thing Kansans need is another jaded, hardened career politician looking out for him or herself in D.C. Build a movement that doesn’t just support the work happening in local communities across Kansas, but that also brings a dish to the potluck, and jumps up to join the folksdanslag.