Republican Socialism is the movement to revive our dying communities, both urban and rural, by using Federal dollars to fund local, community-driven projects, particularly in low-income areas. It is a movement to unite Kansans who are tired of the status quo. It is about the coalition between good-neighbor Republicans and common-sense Socialists. Both coalitions want to pitch in, take care of each other, and have meaningful work that enriches our lives, rather than jobs with long hours and low wages to further enrich billionaires.

The systemic solutions offered by Socialists are meant to benefit those on the losing end of the ever-widening economic gap. These solutions will benefit Kansans, but only if we ensure the local administration of these solutions that Republicans so often emphasize. We need Federal money flowing into low-income areas and placed into the hands of local people who can make informed decisions based on their intimate knowledge of their communities and priorities. 

Our political system is broken. We have now seen decades of stagnant wages while healthcare, housing, and education costs skyrocket. But instead of fixing the massive inequality problems, both parties have entrenched further and further into their respective camps, and the consensus is that there is no end in sight to our partisan trench war. We beg to differ, and we believe Kansans possess the boldness to imagine differently and the intellectualism to help build a new way forward.

Our broken political system also pits our rural and urban communities against one another in an effort to keep us divided, but we are all in this fight together. We recognize that communities across the state are facing the same sets of challenges. Kansas is known for its agriculture, yet food deserts are a commonality regardless of population density. All across the state, from Elkhart to Atchison, family farms are disappearing while corporations push unsustainable agricultural practices, making our soils less productive and turning our farms into commodity factories. From Russell to Fredonia, Kansans are seeing jobs disappear and wages stagnate. And in Wichita
and Kansas City, we continue to see resources diverted from the inner-city and redirected to the nearby, wealthier suburbs in the form of subsidies for corporate retail chains.

We know that communities across Kansas are full of potential. In Southeast Kansas, in places like Humboldt, Iola, Ft. Scott, and Pittsburg, an incredible amount of emphasis has been placed on a trail system that will increase walk-ability and bike-ability between communities. While some of the trails have already been built, the vision is much more expansive. We want to use Federal dollars to help these projects come to full fruition. Using funding from national policies like a Federal Job Guarantee and a Green New Deal, we can put dozens of people to work in good paying jobs, and help Southeast Kansans realize their goals of a healthier and more connected region.

In Kansas City, there is a project already in the works to revitalize a once vibrant African American neighborhood using a community co-operative model. A grocery store is the first step, but the funding to get the project started is still out of reach. The vision for this neighborhood goes beyond just a grocery store, though, as there are many additional needs in the community. It is completely viable to envision the neighborhood being equipped with a community-owned and operated hardware store, a restaurant where the food that is served is grown from the cooperatively-owned greenhouse next door, as well as many other amenities that keep people happy and secure in their place of residency. This would revive the vibrancy of the neighborhood while directly benefiting the local residents who are shareholders. Under our proposals, this community-driven program would receive the Federal funding necessary to jump-start the project, give folks meaningful work that benefits their direct neighborhood, and root out the income inequality that currently exists in the area.

We also know that there is immense untapped potential throughout our state. Our campaign has a deep desire to work directly with Kansans who have been the most affected by the rampant income inequality in our nation. We trust community leaders to speak on behalf of their constituents, but we want to ensure we are directly empowering our socially- and economically-vulnerable residents to speak on behalf of themselves and help us to write policy that will be truly beneficial to them.

Our campaign is about low- to middle-income Kansans of all stripes, regardless of sex, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or mental ability, or immigration status. As Kansans, we know what real Kansas values look like, and we are launching this campaign with the confidence that Kansans possess the vision, passion, ingenuity, and boldness to lead the way in building a better, more inclusive, and more equitable America.